Save up to 45% in energy consumption by selecting energy
efficient aluminum systems for your home or business.

Neon Energy will replace your window and door systems with a new range of energy-efficient aluminium systems.Our aluminium systems offer to our clients a meaningful cost advantage due to the fact that the company has a vertically-integrated production line. Aluminium systems are created, designed, manufactured and finished by Alousystem, thus cutting out the need for the middle man.

To upgrade the energy-efficiency of your home or business Neon Energy has the capacity to undertake the below:

  • A free initial on-site survey (residence and / or business)
  • A technical-economic site survey & its respective project installation quote
  • The project design
  • Replacement and/or installation of the energy-efficient aluminium systems
  • Installation and product certifications
  • 5 year written good performance guarantee

The advantages of Energy-efficient Aluminium Systems

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