“Invest in a partnership that is credible, stable and profitable
and take part in the effort to achieve our planet’s sustainability”.

Neon Energy practices the “think green” philosophy in the field of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems through two broad business units, those being EPC Construction and Project Business Development. Neon Energy recommends, surveys, builds, installs and maintains high quality PV Systems since 2003.

With the mission to provide an integrated and holistic service to its clients,  Neon Energy takes full responsibility at every project stage in order to deliver photovoltaic systems that are “ready to go”, ensuring for its clients the easiest and most convenient project completion without any last minute surprises, hitches or delays.

The company utilizes accredited, technologically advanced equipment, bearing in mind the importance of cost, quality and reliability. As a result, the firm is able to guarantee its customers the optimal performance output, security and sustainability of the PV systems.

Neon Energy boasts a team of highly trained professionals such as civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electricians and designers among others, who contribute to the premium level of service that our clients receive.

Neon Energy takes a serious and professional approach to each prospective PV project, provided that each investment has a long-term lifespan. Our clients’ investments are important to us, thus our financial and technical analysis aims to optimize our client’s return on investment to ensure that their financial goals are met.

Νeon Energy undertakes every step of the project’s procedures, from the initial survey of the proposed area, to the provision of the required permits and associated financial loans through to the final implementation and maintenance of large scale PV stations (PV Parks and commercial rooftops), photovoltaic systems for households and photovoltaic systems for corporate clients in its countries of operation.

Neon Energy offers the following EPC services:
• Project plan & design
• Project implementation & installation
• Project guarantees, supervision & maintenance

What are our Business Development Services?
At Neon Energy, we sell investment opportunities to serious investors; more specifically, the Business Development of highly profitable SPV ventures in the PV industry.
The SPVs we offer to market are located in emerging PV markets that are characterized by high FIT rates.
In addition, we offer turn-key EPC solutions for the SPVs we offer to the investor market at competitive construction costs.
This means that our SPVs return exceptionally high ROI & IRR rates.
This makes Neon Energy a one-stop-shop for Profitable PV Project Developments.

Flexible Investment Options
Investors are able to participate with 100% ownership of the PV investment or with the purchase of one or more shares in the SPV projects. Find out more about the opportunity for your Participation in PV Parks via the acquisition on shares.

Tailor-made Projects and Accountability
To ensure the desired outcome on a per project basis, Neon Energy undergoes extensive client discussions clearly define the project specifications. Neon Energy guarantees the project output, as the company takes an accountable approach to each SPV development. Neon Energy manages the project design, the financing solutions, and establishes the project development schedule with a detailed delivery plan. In addition, the company takes into its consideration the potential for project scope changes, management of construction contractors, cost planning and control, risk management and communications management. All these steps ensure the effectiveness of the project’s final output.

With the program PARTICIPATION IN PV PARKS*, prospective investors have the opportunity to participate in a photovoltaic park, endorsing the philosophy “Strength in Unity”.
Investors can participate with a minimum amount of $100.000 (per person) in companies that hold licenses for photovoltaic parks in selected countries and benefit from the high returns deriving from their participation for a period of 20 years. The higher the investor’s monetary contribution; the higher the annual revenues from the PV Park project.

Participation in PV Parks* applies to photovoltaic parks that are:
• Already granted with the required licenses and permits
• Already constructed or under construction
• Guaranteed with the issuance of the written guarantee of the system’s production output
• Insured against all exogenous dangers and income loss in accordance with the insurance agreement
Participation in PV Parks* offers the following to clients:
• Signed Price Purchasing Agreement (PPA) for the electrical energy produced for a period of 20 years
• A Written guarantee for the production output of the system
• Contribution cost starting from $100.000 per client
• High returns of the PV Park’s operation
• Immediate profits

* Please note: Neon Energy clarifies that it does not offer mutual fund shares or investment products or investment services. Neon Energy is the EPC CONTRACTOR and within the realms of this role the company simply mediates and informs interested investors regarding their potential participation in photovoltaic stations, whereby Neon Energy undertakes the construction and maintenance of the same.

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